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Keara Summoning

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A young lad finds a deck of tarot cards. Each card shows a mysterious woman in strange and wondrous places. His fascination will grown, and endanger his life and soul.



  • Ace of swords-Keara’s Tarot
    This is a bit of dabbling with part of the rough draft for this chapter. Artwork by Raina Kuptz.  Ace of Swords. Alexander entered the forge boldly and with purpose. He walked toward the light of the smith’s fire, stepping around piles of metal ingots and fuel for the forge. He paused at the edge … Continue reading
  • Keara Summoned
    She sat in her hall upon the large black oak chair at the head of a long banquet table. Around the table sat her retainers. The fireplace behind her was large enough to contain while tree trunks ablaze, but the hearth was filled with only ashes of a fire that had burned out long ago. … Continue reading