Mythic Dreams

The difficulty in writing fantasy stories is internal consistency. When writing a story where any form of reality can take place, with any event, then an author must define the rules under which he is playing. This allows the reader to suspend disbelief. The list below are the six projects I am currently writing to encourage suspension of disbelief

My Six Daughters

Ethan was lost after his wife Samantha was killed in a car wreck. He found himself raising his own two daughters, but also his two nieces. Then life got more complicated when he found himself the warder of the daughter of an old service buddy who died in battle.  Now he’s been asked to foster yet a sixth girl. The poor carpenter is about to learn that all six girls are drawn together by mystic forces and each is heir to their own individual magical legacies.

Two Sisters

Samsa and Elossa were separated when young by political forces upon the death of their parents. Now Elossa has sworn vengeance against the city state which destroyed her family. Samsa only wants to protect her new family and village, but the Imperium as put the onus upon her to stop her sister, or all of them will face imperial wrath. Its a race to see who will get to their goals and see if family still matters any more.

Keys to Tartarus

Hades was happy to retire into obscurity when the Greek gods stepped down from worshipped figure heads. He now lives his life as an actuary, but he has held onto some elements of his old regalia, including one of the 5 keys to the Pit of Tartarus. Now someone wants that key to unleash all the monstrosities and banished entities dwelling in the pit.

Keara’s Tarot

A young lad finds a deck of tarot cards. Each card shows a mysterious woman in strange and wondrous places. His fascination will grown, and endanger his life and soul.

Padrechean Saga

Padrech de Shekineser was a border fort commander for the Old Empire. When his command and men are betrayed by the incompetency of a new glory seeking commander, he strikes out at the Emperor and the throne. But Padrech never realized his actions would guide him into wars that would reach even into the Lands of the Dead.

Arthurian vs Lovecraftian

The Arthurian Mythos has been a favorite story cycle for Western Civ for a 1000 years. H.P. Lovecraft help to develop the genre of eldritch horror in the early 20th century. The two genres and mythos make an interesting contrast in themes.

European Mythoi

The mythoi of Europe lay as deep foundations in the cultures of Western civilizations. Even though these religions are mostly extinct, the myths still have deep impact in modern times. The mythologies of the Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, and Classic cultures are still with us.

Gate forms of the Gateworlds

There are fourteen known gate worlds. Almost every one of the planets has several well known gates leading to other worlds. The gates are large distinct features. On each planet, the gates manifest differently, but they are always large, obvious, and highly magical....

Genre of My Six Daughters

My Six Daughters is set to be a collaborative modern fantasy series of about 12 novels.  The genre is as much young adult as it is modern fantasy.  The story is being written by myself and two other authors. In total, it is a collaborative effort of 3 coauthors. The...

Padrech in the study

Padrech took up another piece of parchment. Upon it was a correspondence from one of his many ancient allies. The old desk in his study was covered in such reports and correspondences.  There was much work yet to be done within the piles of parchment. The Graywalker's...

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court was published in 1889. At the time Twain wrote the novel, half of Europe was still dominated by monarchies and empires, who often greatly restricted teh freedoms of their subjects. This novel has several aspects. Twain made...

Arthurian vs Lovecraftian Themes

Like many avid readers I have my favorite concepts and themes, but since I was 14 there were two theme sets that really had an odd appeal to me. Those two would be the Arthurian cycle of stories and the works of HP Lovecraft. I believe it came from an odd weekend,...

Two Sisters

The two sisters setting has elements of the fantasy genre of historical fantasy and the science fiction genre of alternative history. The setting is a timeline where the Roman Empire over came its challenges and never fell. The Roman Imperium did become two states in...

My Six Daughters

A Summary My Six Daughters is a novel about a simple carpenter who finds himself raising 6 teenage girls by himself. Unknown to him, each girl is heir to a powerful mystical tradition.   The carpenter, Jonathan Suttons, lost his wife ten years into their marriage due...