Padrechian Saga

Padrech de Shekineser was a border fort commander for the Old Empire. When his command and men are betrayed by the incompetency of a new glory seeking commander, he strikes out at the Emperor and the throne. But Padrech never realized his actions would guide him into wars that would reach even into the Lands of the Dead.

  • Gate forms of the Gateworlds
    There are fourteen known gate worlds. Almost every one of the planets has several well known gates leading to other worlds. The gates are large distinct features. On each planet, the gates manifest differently, but they are always large, obvious, and highly magical. The gates are almost indestructible by any known methods to the majority … Continue reading
  • Padrech in the study
    Padrech took up another piece of parchment. Upon it was a correspondence from one of his many ancient allies. The old desk in his study was covered in such reports and correspondences.  There was much work yet to be done within the piles of parchment. The Graywalker’s gaze drifted out to the venue beyond the … Continue reading