Gate forms of the Gateworlds

There are fourteen known gate worlds. Almost every one of the planets has several well known gates leading to other worlds. The gates are large distinct features. On each planet, the gates manifest differently, but they are always large, obvious, and highly magical. The gates are almost indestructible by any known methods to the majority of peoples on the Gateworlds.

The gates are different on each Gateworld. On Dra Skan, the gates appear as large concentrations of elemental phenomena. On Rhihhi, they appear as vast arches over 250 meters high at the apex. On the Gateworld of Su Nar, the gates take the form of an immense tree with an arch in its trunk. On Ygm, they manifest as a vast stone skull with the gate as a dark cavern in the mouth. On Meremorn, the gate lies as just the space between two basalt obelisk, with no visible changes between them, so no indication of where the gate is set to lead. On Jard, the gates appear as natural hillocks with a large perfectly circular entrance that leads into a tunnel going deep. On Sacrisca, the the gates appear like Nihongo Torii “spirit gates” in some places, and in others it looks like a Chinese paifang. On New Tellus, the gates take the form of the Indian Torana gate. On Wingard, the gates take the form of a power wheel that is strangely resistant to change from incidental phenomena such as wind and rain; only a conscious action by a thinking being can change the arrangement of colored sand and stones. On Teign, it is a spiral of menhirs with the teleportation point in the center. On Lutin, a gate looks like a small body of water with a river flowing off the water and into a permanent bank of mist. On Spinarr, the gate is a strange combination of shadow and light. The Gateworld of Baem has all of its gates underwater, appearing as ¬†flat topped pyramids where the platform at the top of the pyramid is the point of the gate. On Chin’ka, it is always the exact center of a naturally occurring circular structure of stone. It might appear as a depression, or a small valley surrounded by hills.