Planned Midgardr series of novels

The Midgardr Series is a planned connected 6 novel series where all novels are set in the same setting and with similar thematic tones. The tones draw from a wide range of Germanic mythic and legendary cycles. The concept is not just to draw from the Nordic branch of Germanic mythology, but also try and draw themes, concepts and stories from other branches such as the Eastern Germanic, often mixed with Western Slavic legends, and Anglo-Saxon myths.

The setting is an Alternate Earth with a deep ice age, which has only moderate size ice walls; but where the ice sheets retreated completely in the prime Earth, in this world the Ice Age continues at a reduced scale. This leads to global temperatures being cooler and sea levels lower. Another given of the setting is the existence of systems of magic, magical creatures, and immortals.

The six novels are titled the following:

  1. The Valkyrie’s Test
  2. The Old Marshal’s Tale
  3. The Elven Forest & the Enchantment of the Crepuscular Light
  4. From War Maiden to Conquering Empress
  5. Twilight of Death & Dreams
  6. Steward of Crows & Ravens

The plots have some overlap. The Old Marshal is set in the British Isles and the lowlands of the exposed sea bed, Doggerland. This is part of a larger European empire that goes deep into the north and mainland Europe.

The idea of the Valkyrie’s Test is set in a place on Earth in the far North where the younger immortals are tested and trained. The immortals who are worshiped by mortals as gods do not have an overbearing presence upon this Earth, but keep various domiciles upon this world to aid the mortal humans they try to protect from other immortal monsters and species.

The Elven Forest is a reluctant alliance between Germanic alfar, or elves, and a human tribes against greatest threats deep in the heart of primal forested Europe.

The War Maiden is set in the Pontiac Steppes where older Germanic and Slavic ideas mixed with Western Steppe legends. Here nomadic tribes of Europe fight among themselves and face the very different Asian steppe nomads whom they meet across the seas of grass that connect both regions.

The later two, Twilight of Death & Dreams and Steward of Crows & Ravens are a retelling of the myths and legends of the Germanic gods, but with an extensive twist. Due to the greater scope and power of these greater immortals the story goes beyond just the Midgardr world presented in the other stories.

The whole series is thematically connected and planned to reference each other subtly.