History of Archery in Warfare

One of the first projectile weapons invented by Humanity was the bow & arrow. Only the spear thrower and the sling created lethality out to the same range as the primitive bows. For most of its use in history the bow was an instrument for hunting, but some time in the mesolithic it was turned into an instrument of war. It remained one of the principle forms of missilry in conflict till the invention of firearms. Through that long era the bow took many forms, being invented by almost every culture and society on Earth, and always used in warfare.


  • Bow hunting: Tree stand versus Still hunting
    Let me start by saying that these are merely my opinions and observations on the differences between these two styles of bow hunting. Over the years I have meet many people that prefer one over the other, and some hunters who find them both merely two useful aspects to their hunting style. Also each style … Continue reading