The USS Constitution to the USS Olympia

Constitution, commissioned 21 Oct 1797, and USS Olympia, commissioned 5 Feb 1895; between them lay a century of growth for the US Navy. Both served the American Republic in battle and peace, yet the technology moved forward steadily. By comparing the two ships technology and history, drastic changes of history can be seen.


  • USS Constitution, then and now.
    The first painting is Action between USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere, 19 August 1812, by Michel Felice Corne. The second picture is courtesy of the US Park Service, and shows the Constitution during the 2014 Independence Day celebrations at Boston Harbor.  
  • Constitution and Olympia have the same roles
    Many people will look at the USS Constitution and the USS Olympia and see nothing to compare or connect the two ships together. Both ships indeed bookmark the 19th Century for the United States Navy. Each ship also fulfilled similar roles in the Navy’s national mission The USS Constitution was launched in October 1797 while … Continue reading
  • Constitution restoration
    Because of the historical importance of the USS Constitution, the United States Navy goes to great length to make her available to the public. As the symbolic and acting flagship for the US Navy, she is both a symbol and a great public relations for the sea service. She even has her own official blog … Continue reading
  • Constitution to Olympia – An Introduction
    On the 21st of October in 1797 the heavy sailing frigate USS Constitution was named by President George Washington. As one of the authorized first six frigates built by the young Republic, the ship would go on to serve the US Navy through the first half of the 19th century, seeing action in the War … Continue reading