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Stars Arising - Earl Tower - Writer

Stars Arising

WW3 ended with the intervention of the Elder Things. Now Humanity becomes aware of the vast presence of Lovecraftian entities with which they share the Earth. The stars are aligning, and old things are awakening.

Tales of the Elder Things, a summary

The first book planned for the Stars Arising setting is an anthology of novellas and novelettes centered around the Elder Things of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. i have taken the liberty of reinterpreting some aspects of the Elder Things culture,...

Stars Arising Begins

The Third World War was a bloody mess. It had started as a regional war in Mesopotamia sparked by Shia and Suni rivalries. The first battle fields were along the Tigris and Euphrates but it quickly expanded to engulf the whole region. Vital interest around the world...