Tales of the Elder Things, a summary

The first book planned for the Stars Arising setting is an anthology of novellas and novelettes centered around the Elder Things of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. i have taken the liberty of reinterpreting some aspects of the Elder Things culture, civilization, history, and biology just a little.

The anthology will contain the following stories

  1. Elder Things in Bermuda. The HMS Naiad was scouting out the edges of the Antarctic ice shelf in the 1844 when they behold an alien sight. Fleeing across the ice was a multitentacled thing slightly taller than a man, behind it came an oncoming protoplasmic mass half the size of the old frigate, undulating like an amoeba on a biologist microscope slide. The strange fleeing being leapt upon the ship deck, waving its tentacles and making strange fluting noises. The captain ordered a change of course away from the ice shelf before the giant amoeba could get to the edge and potentially threaten the ship. So would start a strange first encounter for the Royal Navy.
  2. Under the Mountains of Madness: In Lovecraft’s story 9 Elder Things awoke after being frozen for millions of years in Antarctic glaciers. This is an attempt to telling that story or a variation of it from the alien point of view of the Elder Things survivors.
  3. The Shoggoth War: The nations of the world were on the brink of making World War 3 a nuclear exchange, when some signal, originating in Antarctica, interfered with many of their launch systems. Cautiously the great powers of the world set aside their differences and sent expeditions to the Southern Continent to investigate. They would find the remnants of a primordial civilization, who had their own opinions of the humans war.
  4. The Archivist Tale: After humans came to realize that they shared the Earth with older sapient civilizations, they began to attempt to build a common global society with their old, but formally unknown neighbors. This is one story of a young man who would witness much of those new beginnings.


Once completed the anthology will be independently electronically published. For now, much of the final draft remains unedited and still in need of rewrites.