Origins of the Sskaria War of Truth.

The Sskaria Fleet doctrine is based upon the use of powerful capital ships accompanied by robotic warships and fighters. All such capital ships tend to use numerous drone munitions. Such weapons can be fired as massive shoals, rapid fire, and barrage rates. The fighter cover is often remote controlled and FTL capable. Much of the war capacity of the Sskari was designed with expectations of combat to occur right up to relativistic velocities. This includes sprint missiles, heavy drone weapons, massive beam weapons, and micro weaponized clouds. Beam weapons include everything from large high energy lasers, antimatter particle beams, and annihilation cannons (composed cosmic rays resulting from heavy P+-P- interactions).

The Sskaria fleet structure is around its capital ship classes and categories.

–Alphas are designed for sustained battles in deep space at a wide range of acceleration and even relativistic velocities. It’s armament are built more around beam weapons and smaller drone fighters.

–Betas are designed as system control ships, responsible for coordinating large task forces with the goal of securing space superiority across an entire star system. The armament is a balance between beam weapons, missilery, and drone tending.

–Deltas are designed as rapid strategic strike ships. While using the same hull and ¬†systems as other capital ships, they are designed with extensive energy production capacity which allows high delta Vs in normal space, and powerful FTL drives. Weapons are almost all energy based, or simple munitions that can be manufactured by the ships facility from local materials.

–Gammas are unusual and are classified as strategic mission support ships. They are capital ships with substantial firepower. But they carry extensive gravimetric manipulation systems, as well as flux field generators. These allow the Sskaria fleet to manipulate matter and energy on a large scale.


Each of these capital ships will have a crew of several dozen to a few hundred Sskaria.

Group defense and attack ships are always robotic, mostly armed with photonic weapons for point defense & close action, and missile barrage subordinate platforms for offense.

Surveillance ships are robotic, used as advance scouts, recon units, communication picket units, and attack group support Intel units.

Planetary Assault ships are specialty modified Alphas used as troop transports for Sskaria and robotic planetary combat units.

The Skrimka use their own unique strike forcers and warrior ships both for assault and fleet battle.

DESIGN NOTE: Sskaria are slow to expand their population because their creators hard programmed not only a set of mores into the Sskaria but also sexual roles and recreation-reproduction protocols. the Skrimka are a unique mutation of the Sskaria who has learned to exceed their core programming protocols. This allows the mostly nanite cluster robots to be much more flexible with form and function.

The Sskaria fleets are designed to operate most effectively in two modes of combat. The first is planetary assaults with heavy orbital combat support, and the second is relativistic combat exchanges between ships. This has to do with the early origins of the Sskaria war history, and the nature of their most common used technologies.

The earliest forces of the Sskaria were the combat units of the Builder’s fleets. After seeing the inadequacies of these ships, the Sskaria command structure decided to strategically withdraw for a time to research and develop new technologies, and build new fleets. The newer ships were based upon technological uses of inertial fields that allowed a magnitude of higher ship performance.

The Sskaria had been at work with a faction of Imperial Malanthekar for centuries. These were the foes that had exterminated the Sskaria’s creators. These new forces enabled the Sskaria to gain the strategic as well as tactical upper hand and eventually defeat their Malanthekar foes.

The doctrine for combating the Imperial Malanthekar anchored upon hit and fade tactics and heavy planetary invasions. This lead to a split of force types and fleets into two categories for the Sskaria, strike and assault. After the unique technology of the flux field generate was developed, another force was developed to use the unique capacities offered by that system for combat operations.

The Sskaria explored and built a few projects during the centuries after their victory over the Imperial Malanthekar. Two of their biggest responsibilities is preserving and studying their Builder’s home world, and keeping the faction of Malanthekar that attacked them quarantined and confined to several habitable planets. During that era they encountered a slower than light traveling interstellar explores from a species known as the Cetes. The Sskaria were impressed and made contact with this young species.

This relationship would develop over a thousand Earth years, before the Sskaria decided to withdraw for a few centuries to debate the their own future. They promised the Cetes they would return in time, and left a means of contact just in case something truly catastrophic happened to the Cete civilization.

Just such a cataclysm did occur several centuries later when a Tranc Exploitation Fleet found the Cete’s inhabited space volumes. After deliberation with the Central Committee, a full war effort was decided to be waged against the Cetes. They were sizable enough that piracy was not the best strategy, and they were still weak enough that pure infiltration and subversion was not the only viable strategy.

The Tranc drew forces from several of their services and organizations including the Exploitation Fleet, Stealh Operation Units, Survey Fleets, and several militias from nearby hidden colony worlds. The Over Commander of this  war did not do adequate investigate using Stealth Infiltration Units, so was unaware of the past association with the Sskaria until well after the invasion of Cete space had begun.

The Cetes summoned the Sskaria in their hour of need. The Sskaria returned to find a strange force invading their allies colony worlds. After a brief but brutal war, the Sskaria were able to repel the Tranc. Most of the Tranc forces disappeared into deep space, but the Sskaria were able to get the location of one close hidden colony world, near Cetes space. The Sskaria invaded and captured some information and prisoners. Over years of investigating they began to realize the sheer magnitude of threat the Tranc posed to the galaxy.

After intense deliberations, the mores programmed into the Sskaria created a necessity to take actions to informed other species in the galaxy about the Tranc and their dark plans. This was the origins of the Sskaria Expeditionary Fleets and the War of Truth.