Strategy in the 21st Century

Warfare is as old as civilization. While the tactics might change as economic realities and technological capacities change, strategy remains the same. The 21st century will be no different.

  • Combat in Narrow Seas Initial Thoughts
    Narrow seas and littoral combat have long been important parts of warfare. The modern age has brought complexity to such aspects of warfare to such an extent that such operations have become very difficult to conduct. In the early modern era, naval operations were mostly considered amphibious operations or flotilla operations, designed to conduct combat … Continue reading
  • Strategy in the 21st century, a project summary
      Strategy is a timeless discipline. Tactical doctrines change as do technological capacity, but the elements of good strategy reoccur time and again through out the centuries. This project is an essay collection written by an amateur historian, with a veteran’s perspective. The conclusions are my own. Much of the topics and material will come … Continue reading
  • China’s challenge to the United States, part 1
    The strategic challenge presented by China to the United States is something the United States has not faced the 1890’s. During those years the United States became the industrial powerhouse in the world, exceeding the British Empire and the German Empire The United States would use that economic strength and industrial might to begin building … Continue reading