China’s challenge to the United States, part 1

The strategic challenge presented by China to the United States is something the United States has not faced the 1890’s. During those years the United States became the industrial powerhouse in the world, exceeding the British Empire and the German Empire The United States would use that economic strength and industrial might to begin building a powerful navy and continued its infrastructure expansion

By the mid 2020’s, the Chinese economy will equal or surpass the United States. The industrial indicators are a bit more murky, but China is easily in the same league as the USA for industrial might.

The need for a new grand strategy is needed. Many people would prefer a diplomatic solution to any disagreements with China, but the United States National Command Authority needs to have an effective plan and strategy if those diplomatic efforts ever fail.

In the realm of grand strategy the United States is starting with greater tech knowledge and forces, but each year the Chinese military catches up just a bit more.