History of the Aracana, part 1

In the Dissolution Wars universe for Unwelcome Neighbors, the primitive Aracana were heavily influenced by seeing a major battle between a Homeworld Malanthekar stellar fortress and an Imperial Malanthekar battleship in the skies above the Aracana’s home world.

The event was so large that all of the Aracana across the planet witnessed the most deadly parts. The battle raged for almost a week, but the last 3 planetary days of the battle occurred in orbit around the Aracana’s planet of origin. The energies being exchanged in the battle were so vast it could be seen even during the height of the daylight hours.

Events seen by the observing Aracana would influence them extensively. The most important outcome was an awakened belief in the Aracana that the heavens were a place they could go if they found the right methods. The next 1000 years for the Aracana were filled with hundreds of experiments in mystical and scientific approaches, all seeking to find some method to ascend into the heavens. Most of these experiments were dead ends, but there were enough successes to galvanize the Aracana and set the stage for a global common culture and interconnected societies across the planet.