Genre of My Six Daughters

My Six Daughters is set to be a collaborative modern fantasy series of about 12 novels.  The genre is as much young adult as it is modern fantasy.  The story is being written by myself and two other authors. In total, it is a collaborative effort of 3 coauthors.

The goal of the story is to try and capture the emotions and thoughts of the parent as well as the children. Many young adults, or as they use to be called juvvies, focus purely upon the young protagonists.

The inspiration for the story was the concept of an old fashion father having to deal directly with the antics of maturing teenage girls.  The modern fantasy element is to add to the challenges and interesting story.

My Six Daughters

A Summary

My Six Daughters is a novel about a simple carpenter who finds himself raising 6 teenage girls by himself. Unknown to him, each girl is heir to a powerful mystical tradition.
The carpenter, Jonathan Suttons, lost his wife ten years into their marriage due to a tragic car wreck, that left him two daughters to raise on his own. Soon after those horrific events, Jonathan’s sister requested he foster his two nieces during a family emergency, something that turns into years. Also within a year of taking in his nieces, his oldest friend died in combat overseas, leaving Jonathan the only one to take care of his daughter.  The sixth girl is an exact twin to his oldest daughter. She appeared upon his doorstep one stormy night with a dire story. 
Jonathan must now try and be a father figure to six troubled teenage girls. To his shock each girl begins to develop strange and extraordinary powers. The challenges become more dire when menacing outside agencies begin to notice the girls powers, and Jonathan finds himself trying to defend his family from dangerous threats.