Science Fiction

Science fiction was the first major form of fiction I was exposed to as a child. Most of my bedtime stories were science fiction novels. It is a favorite genre that has stayed with me throughout my life, enough to aspire to write my own stories. The following are the three series in which I’m currently working on stories.

UnWelcome Neighbors

This series and setting is a vast space opera covering humans first steps to the stars, to find that not everyone out there was friendly. Other species also made this discovery. The old Irish adage is ‘Good fences make for good neighbors’ the corollary would be ‘no fences make for unwelcome neighbors’, and there are no fences between the stars.

Trizonal Civilization

The term trizonal is referring to the three regions of the Solar System. For decades the informal division of the Solar System was into the Inner and Outer Solar System, with the division point being the Asteroid Belt. In those days the Oort Cloud was theorized, but most people thought of the Solar System ending at the orbits of Neptune/Pluto.

Stars Arising

WW3 ended with the intervention of the Elder Things. Now Humanity becomes aware of the vast presence of Lovecraftian entities with which they share the Earth. The stars are aligning, and old things are awakening.

History of Space Opera

For over a century, humans have dreamed of traveling through space. Many stories across all mediums have been told.